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MAHAK specialty pediatric cancer hospital which has been operational since 15th of June 2007 is one of the largest centers of its kind in the Middle East and provides a complete array of diagnostic, treatment and support services to its ...

MAHAK specialty pediatric cancer hospital which has been operational since 15th of June 2007 is one of the largest centers of its kind in the Middle East and provides a complete array of diagnostic, treatment and support services to its patients and their families.  Since then, this day has been coined as ‘MAHAK Charity Day’.
On June 21st, MAHAK held a ceremony celebrating ‘MAHAK Charity Day’, the inauguration date of its specialized pediatric cancer hospital and the passing away anniversary of late Ms. Afsaneh Dabiri whose will and determination resulted in the construction of the largest hospital of its type in the region.  Aiming to raise funds in support of children with cancer, this event was held with the presence of  450 benevolent contributors, members of MAHAK Board of Trustees and Directors, and a group of executive managers, staff and volunteers.
Seven Stages of Love
The underlying theme of this ceremony was the story of “Seven Stages of Love” a critical and omnipresent element always present in MAHAK as the main support environment for children with cancer.
This is a story of shock, anger, and frustration overwhelmed by unbound love; love of a mother namely Mrs. Saideh Ghods, the founder of MAHAK, for her cancer-stricken child which soon extended to all children with cancer resulting in laying the first stones of what shortly developed as MAHAK charity.
The second love, the story of the Late Afsaneh Dabiri, which created a place characterized by determination and expertise for treatment of thousands of children with cancer. With her love and support, a place full of optimism was established on top of the DarAbad hills.
After the second story, Dr. Javad Karbassizadeh, the spouse of the late Afsaneh Dabiri, the Chairman of MAHAK Board of Directors and also one of the key sponsors building the MAHAK hospital, welcomed the guests on behalf of the board of the trustees, directors, the medical and charity staff and, critically MAHAK volunteers.
Dr. Karbassizadeh pointed out the three occasions that combined form this special day and stated: “Every year in the last week of Khordad, we have three important occasions. The first event, on the 25th, is MAHAK Charity Day for which we applaud the philanthropic community and all the people who care about and love others.”
The second occasion is the anniversary of the establishment of MAHAK hospital and the third occasion was the early death of the Late Afsaneh Dabiri who chose to make a difference in the latter days of her life by laying the groundworks of this hospital. During her illness she initiated the construction of the hospital and 6 months before her demise she visited the site one last time when it was half built to see the results of her love and support for humanity and children with cancer on top of the DarAbad hills.
The Chairman of MAHAK Board of Directors affirmed that MAHAK Charity Day is a good opportunity to be reminded ourselves and recommit to the four important principals that form the cornerstones of MAHAK, namely transparency, accountability, intergrity and appreciation.
Love, kindness and knowledge together create miracles: A miracle that Parvaneh Vossough created in MAHAK to assure all of us that cancer in not the end.
The third story was about honoring the distinguished medical authority the late Professor Parvaneh Vossough who worked tirelessly in a voluntary capacity and the exemplary dedication of the medical staff who are all former students of this intelligent lady and have been working diligently in the service of children with cancer in MAHAK as the only specialized hospital for children with cancer in Iran.
The fourth story is about the love of the mothers in MAHAK. Everyday they give hope and love to their children despite the anxiety and frustration they may feel deep inside. Their devotion to see their children happy compels them to forgo their own sentiments in favor of their expecting child.
The fifth story is about stability and the love of the sympathetic fathers. The fathers always attempt to stay strong even when they are aware that hard days are to come. When tough days arrive, they are still strong and stable. Everyone wants to see them strong and they are. The fathers in MAHAK are like indestructable shelters in the face of maelstroms.
Mr. Mohammad Mahdi Fanayi, the CEO of Electro Kavir Company, who sponsored the event, expressed his satisfaction for hosting such an important event and said: ”There is no honor greater than hosting a ceremony with charity purposes.” He referred to the story of Hatim al-Taeei and said that with the generosity and the sense of responsibility of the benefactors, places like MAHAK can be constructed and maintained.
The sixth story is about the love of each and everyone of the staff and volunteers who work in MAHAK to create hope. Sooner or later the love and hope is going to help them overcome struggles they may experience in their own lives.
In this regard, Mr. Arasb Ahmadian, Managing Director of MAHAK, presented a comprehensive report of MAHAK’s performance in the last year emphasizing the four principle of transparency, accountability, intergrity and appreciation.
It’s been 23 years that thousands of benevolent people are making the stories of MAHAK realized like miracles with their unconditional love and support resulting in today MAHAK children fighting against cancer with their hearts full of hope and their minds and bodies focused on regaining their health. One of these stories was written by MAHAK Charity Day attendees announcing their commitment to help cure children with cancer. The benefactors assumed the responsibility to provide the costs for the medicine and treatment of the children with cancer on monthly and annual bases. In this ceremony, the miracle was realized in proportions much larger than ever experienced before thanks to generosity of people with hearts of gold.
The atmosphere benefitted immeasurably by the presence of Iranian professional musicians like Ardeshir Kamkar, Kambiz Ganjei, Siavash Kamkar, Neyriz Kamkar and Vahid Taj who performed traditional Iranian songs followed by Negin Sarir, a professional solo piano player and daughter of the renowned master, Mr. Mohammad Sarir.
As a routine practice, MAHAK arranges on-the-spot tours of its hospital and wards such as emergency, clinic and play rooms for all interested parties.  This day was no different in that volunteer guides arranged thorough visits in response to every request.  After seeing with their own eyes all the effort that goes into treating children with cancer, many were further inspired to help financially and otherwise.  This practice is part of MAHAK commitment to its supporters to demonstrate how and where their generous contributions are invested.
Assets accumulate over time. Continuous support and trust of thousands of benefactors is MAHAK’s most invaluable asset which has grown in time.  We at MAHAK are truly appreciative and hope to increasingly benefit from these types of generosities enabling us to provide more and better services to children with cancer and their families for many years to come.