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Unveiling of the new Donation box, at the Sixteenth annual “Breaking of the donation box” bazaarOn the Sixteenth annual “breaking of the donation box” bazaar at MAHAK charity, which was held on October 9 – 10 2014, the new donation

Unveiling of the new Donation box, at the Sixteenth annual “Breaking of the donation box” bazaar
On the Sixteenth annual “breaking of the donation box” bazaar at MAHAK charity, which was held on October 9 – 10 2014, the new donation box was unveiled in the presence of the media, supporters, volunteers, artists, athletes, members of the Board of Directors, and Board of Trustees. 
Continued trust and participation: An important MAHAK asset 
At the beginning of the ceremony, Dr. Farbod Farahi, a member of the MAHAK’s board of trustees, welcomed guests and congratulated the birth of the new donation box to all attendees, and said: "MAHAK's main objective is providing healthcare and recreational activities to children suffering from cancer up to par with international standards, with the use of public funds donated to the organization. Furthermore obtaining trust and support in achieving this task, has always been a valuable asset for MAHAK." 
The first recyclable donation box produced at a minimal cost to deliver a systematic approach for charities. 
Mr. Arasb Ahmadian, the CEO of MAHAK, stated "the donation box is one of the oldest and simplest methods to help children suffering from cancer and their families. The MAHAK’s board that is always looking for the best-practices systems for charitable welfare activity in Iran, has always made changes according to current circumstances and performances, in order to fully complete its mission of supporting children with cancer and their families while being committed to deliver the best quality services at the lowest cost in the most efficient manner. The ceramic donation box has been residing in family homes of MAHAK supporters in Tehran and Karaj, and has proven a particularly important role in providing medical care c  osts. With increased distribution, and assessment of expert evaluations, the new ‘recyclable’ and ‘low-cost’ donation box, alongside the ceramic donation box seemed necessary. MAHAK was the first charity to produce a recyclable donation box with a low cost and minimal cost of reproducing. This idea was piloted a year ago, and was presented last year at the celebration of the Fifteenth donation box bazaar.  It was a smaller sample of the donation box for young children, which was unveiled and has successfully been distributed. The new donation box has multiple important new features including: recyclability, low-cost production, light weight, and ease of transportation." 
Birth of a new donation box in the presence of children 
The unveiling ceremony of a new donation box was presented by a number of children under treatment alongside two costumed dolls dressed as the old and new donation boxes. The Program was conducted by MAHAK volunteers including musical artists, and singers that sang joyful songs to celebrate the event.
Parastoo, an 8-year-old child with leukemia, holding hands with the dressed up doll said: "My wish is for all the children of MAHAK to get well, and after they are well, never to forget MAHAK”.
A child who has recovered from cancer, and is currently a computer student said: "I wish all my little friends at MAHAK will heroically fight against cancer. Usually, when patients are cured, they do not like to recall memories of their hospitalization, but I, and my other friends who have recovered, are fond of the days we were playing in the corridors, and playrooms with our helpers and psychotherapists, because at MAHAK we believed that cancer was not the end of childhood”.
MAHAK a donation box in people's hearts 
Ali Forotan, an “uncle” to all the children, was also present hand in hand with the children at the unveiling of the new donation said: “In this ceremony we can see that MAHAK has added a new donation box together with the current box. I believe that MAHAK has also created another donation box in the past, that is a donation box in the hearts of the people of Iran as well as all who have a heart “donation box” of love for children with cancer which is unbreakable. 
MAHAK’s wish: to celebrate the recovery of all children with cancer 
The new donation box will be journeying with the ups and downs during the course of the treatment of children with cancer in the homes of our supporters. The donation box is a symbol of love, compassion, and empathy of our supporters toward children suffering from cancer.
The revenues from the bazaar which as always will be spent on the social support and medicine for treatment of children suffering from cancer amounted to 4.597.367.142 Rials.
MAHAK fully appreciates all the kindness and support benevolent members and volunteers selflessly provide which, through these types of activities, help children remain children, giving them hope and conviction, preventing them from becoming reclusive, and thus assisting them in maximizing their chances for recovery and returning to normal life afterwards.