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The 3rd International Corporate Social Responsibility Congress focusing on ‘Sustainable Development’ will be held at MAHAK on 16th of February 2015, which is planned to coincide with the International Childhood Cancer Day. In this regard, a press conference was held

The 3rd International Corporate Social Responsibility Congress focusing on ‘Sustainable Development’ will be held at MAHAK on 16th of February 2015, which is planned to coincide with the International Childhood Cancer Day. In this regard, a press conference was held in Tehran Chamber of Commerce with the attendance of various media on the 2nd of February.
As one of the pioneers in promoting the concept of social responsibility, MAHAK has entwined non-governmental organizations, business and cultural corporations since 2008, in order to promote the definition and activities related to this concept. 
Chairman of Tehran Chamber of Commerce: “Social Responsibility; the Business Entities’ Duty towards the society”
At the beginning of the conference, Dr. Yahya Al-Eshagh, Chairman of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, appreciated MAHAK’s attention towards creating an environment in which social responsibility can be institutionalized among organizations and said: “All pious individuals, scholars and elites have social concerns beyond their personal well-beings. Organizations and business entities are also expected to have such concerns. They will accomplish their social responsibility contemplating the costs they impose on the society.”
Referring to the significant role of the media in promoting the concept of social responsibility and the priority of social rights in every society, Dr. Al-Eshagh asked media functionaries to prepare better settings for serving children with cancer. 
Founder of MAHAK: “Through the participation of our contributors, no child with cancer will be refused treatment due to insufficient financial means” 
Saeideh Ghods, the founder of MAHAK, thanked the media for playing a const role delivering as intermediator of MAHAK’s activities who deliver transparent and accountable information to MAHAKs stakeholders and said: “In our country, social participation and support has its roots in the ancient Iranian culture which has continuously encouraged helping others through various ways. Since its foundation, MAHAK has been able to gain the cooperation of various business entities to support its cause in the fight against cancer. As a pioneer charity in this route, MAHAK strives to promote a constructive culture in all aspects of society so that other NGOs might be able to address this concept in a professional manner. Consequently, MAHAK attempts to promote social responsibility and its ties with NGOs by holding scientific conferences at national and international levels.”   
The Secretary of the Congress: “Achieving international standards and accomplishments is made by institutionalizing social responsibility and participation at MAHAK”
Ahmad Pourfallah, member of MAHAK’s board of trustees, member of Iran Chamber of Commerce’s board of representatives and the secretary of the CSR focusing on sustainable development, stated: “No nation will develop unless it promotes a developed private sector; and the private sector cannot grow unless it recognizes its social responsibility. Social responsibility can be defined in all professional fields such as industry, production, agriculture, services and all personal scopes”.  He added: “At the outset of its 25th anniversary, MAHAK has achieved great International success in serving children with cancer due to its performance and accomplishments. Being ranked in the top ten globally among over 260 non-governmental organizations benchmarked by the Société Generale de Surveillance (SGS) for NGO benchmarking, gaining the consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), receiving Quality Silver Trophy from GIC International Institute, the gold award from the International Project Management Association (IPMA) and also the silver plaque of GPM from the IGPMA in 2014 are some of MAHAK’s international achievements which are due to stakeholders’ responsibility and participation.”
CEO of MAHAK: “The 3rd International Corporate Social Responsibility Congress on February 16th hosts representatives of UN Global Compact“
Referring to the development of social responsibility in the strategic plan of MAHAK, Arasb Ahmadian, CEO of MAHAK, said: “Since 2009, MAHAK has devoted a special attention to this concept scientifically and professionally and has run joint programs with the Industrial Managers Association, Confederation of Industry, members of Iran Stock Market, Iran and Germany Chambers of Commerce, and the Industrial Management Institute, focusing on social responsibility in years 2008-2009. Holding the first international exhibition of poster design with the subject of ‘Childhood Cancer and Corporate Social Responsibility’ coinciding with international cancer week with cooperation of the Council of Iran Graphic Design Association in 2010, the photo exhibition of Peivand-e-Mehr held by the large group of System Groups Technology, the 1st and 2nd international conference on ‘corporate social responsibility and childhood cancer’ in 2010 and 2011 can be cited as some of these related activities. 
Ahmadian also stated that based on aforementioned experiences and benefiting from the participation of commentators, scholars, professors and activists specializing in various sectors such as universities, the industry, the government and international organizations, the 3rd congress on Corporate Social Responsibility focusing on sustainable development will be held at MAHAK with the presence of the chairman of United Nations Global Compact, a United Nations initiative to encourage businesses worldwide to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies.
All media contributors, professionals, commentators and founders of enterprises are invited to attend the 3rd Congress on Corporate Social Responsibility on February 16, 2015 in order to support MAHAK in promoting and institutionalizing the concept of CSR.