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The 3rd International Congress of the Corporate Social Responsibility was held by MAHAK, the Society to Support Children Suffering from Cancer, which is planned to coincide with the International Childhood Cancer Day.  This congress was a joint effort between MAHAK

The 3rd International Congress of the Corporate Social Responsibility was held by MAHAK, the Society to Support Children Suffering from Cancer, which is planned to coincide with the International Childhood Cancer Day.  This congress was a joint effort between MAHAK and the Tehran Chamber of Commerce. 
The main focus of the conference was on 'Sustainable Development' and was held with the presence of chairman of the UN Global Compact, head of Presidential Office and Chief of Staff, the United Nations resident representative in Iran, Secretary General of the Iranian Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce, high ranked International Project Management Association (IPMA) officials, professors and pundits and members of MAHAK's board of trustees and directors. 
ICCCPO’s Invitation to Submit the Topic of Social Responsibility at this Organization's Annual Conference
At first, Ahmad Pourfallah, a member of MAHAK’s board of trustees and the Secretary of Iran Chamber of Commerce representatives, stated that: "In the past 23 years of MAHAK’s operation it has attempted to approach the country's culture and to exclude its self from pity towards non-governmental organizations, it has taken an approach towards the concept of accountability in relation to both individuals and organizations. In this regard, a special focus on the expansion of the concept of corporate social responsibility or CSR Conference has been held in years 2011, 2013 and now in 2015. The Public and International Relations’ Department of MAHAK’s effort towards informing the national and international has lead to an increasing awareness among different sectors. This has resulted in that ICCCPO has formally asked MAHAK to present CSR in their annual conferences.
The Prime Reasons for Addressing the Issue of CSR by Chairman of the Board 
Dr. Javad Karbassizadeh, the chairman of the MAHAK’s board of directors, introduced the goals, operational activities and statistical overview of MAHAK. He also added: "During the past 23 years of MAHAK’s existence over 22 thousand children stricken with cancer have been supported and at the moment more than  9500 children stricken with cancer are under treatment and support of this organization. These numbers indicate that over 95% of children with cancer in Iran as well as from other countries in the region are covered by MAHAK. 
Our mission statement emphasizes on the fact that MAHAK not only believes in the field of pediatric cancer but it also directly promotes humanitarian acts. MAHAK since the beginning of its first strategic plan in 2003   has paid special attention to corporate social responsibility, and believes that “Corporate social responsibility has deep roots in our culture and society and today the aid of people in the form of donations are the continuations of the same thoughts and beliefs throughout the history of this land.”
The head of board of directors also stated that MAHAK is hopeful that with this movement towards global standardization, by promoting social responsibility it will be able to achieve its own three main goals in the subfields of economic, environmental and social in order to become a prime example and benchmark in domestic and international fields.
Adding Value to Public Support, MAHAK’s First CSR Factor
Arasb Ahmadian, the CEO of MAHAK, said: "MAHAK is striving to give the best set of qualitative and quantitative services for children who are suffering from cancer. The Green Project Management award, alongside the IPMA gold medal in 2014, has made MAHAK become one step closer to its goals." International Project Management Association (IPMA), is a non-profit organization designed to promote significance of proper project planning and management internationally. Reinhard Wagner, IPMA President, along with Gholamreza Safakish, a member of the IPMA Awards Board, were present at this congress as well.
As for raising organizational standards to global levels, MAHAK was recognized by the Société Generale de Surveillance (SGS) and awarded the Verified Certificate of NGO Benchmarking in November 2007- a major accomplishment, as the first non-governmental organization in the Middle East to have obtained such a certificate and the fact that the organization is ranked in the top ten globally among over 260 non-governmental organizations recently audited by SGS for NGO benchmarking verifies its organizational integrity and global stature. In addition, MAHAK achieved Quality Silver Trophy (GIC) from GIC International Institute, thus MAHAK was recorded among ten top organizations in 2011. 
MAHAK has also gained consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) as a result of which we have joined the concerted global endeavor to accomplish the strategic Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set by the United Nations member states, as well as the World Cancer Declaration targets by 2025.
Chairman of the UN Global Compact Pays His Respect to MAHAK for focusing on CSR
Sir Mark Moody Stuart, chairman of the UN Global Compact, addressed the attendees alongside his appreciation of a non-governmental organization to this important topic, in the field of economic and social good. He also addressed the capacity of the organization that is based on the international standards. He also added: “I am very glad that I am at a place where the founders of NGOs and humanitarian institutions, as well as founders of businesses are gathered to educate one another to remove variety of obstacles along the way of improving our mark in the world.”
Dr. Leila karbassi, General Manager of Environment and Climate at Global Compact said: "Such a charity working in the field of social responsibility is greatly appreciated and it is an honor that this concept is being at the spot light in Iran. Now environmental issues is one of the most important challenges of the present era and those who see these challenges are the world's future leaders in the management of global movements such as the Global Compact. Companies are on the side of the Government can be an important part of the solution to the problem of environmental and climate issues and global climate changes for a better future for the world.”
Head of Presidential Office and Chief of Staff Addresses the Role of the Government in the Development of the Concept of CSR
Dr. Mohammad Nahavandian, the head of Presidential Office and Chief of Staff, states the role of the government in the development of the concept of corporate social responsibility and continuous activity during the dispensation of MAHAK in the development of the culture of social responsibility.  MAHAK as an NGO pioneering in addressing the issue of corporate social responsibility is very valuable invitation towards a concept that is leading this movement. MAHAK with respect to having an international perspective has been able influence the public opinion. If multinational companies consider corporate social responsibility based on the local economical and social values the government will be able to free resources from that segment and support those who become active in the field. Governments and organizations both benefit from corporate social responsibility programs and governments should support these programs both directly and indirectly. Raising public awareness in the field of corporate social responsibility, cultural and educational activities along with creating for safe and secure environments for organizations to operate is the core of the government’s responsibilities and I hope that Corporate Social Responsibility unlike other values which have turned into arbitrary actions can become a true value in which organizations embrace.  
Saideh Ghods, Founder of MAHAK, in a Statement in Regards to NGO’s and Their CSR Role
Saideh Ghods stated that “Companies with shared social values can establish sustainable development in the community. MAHAK promotes participation in the field of social responsibility and sustainable development both socially and culturally and always tries to build a sense of community which can be shared between companies and NGO’s to build a brighter future.”
Research Development: One of the Most Important Social Responsibilities of Business Entities
Dr. Shahindokht Kharazmi and Dr. Ali Naghi Mashayekhi called upon university professors and academic elites to recognize and promote the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility. Dr. Kharazmi outlined case studies of successful experiences in the area of cancer charities and explained the concept of how an organization formed from the concept of social responsibility such as MAHAK is able to succeed in the fields of treatments, prevention and research leading to hope for all of society. 
Dr. Mehrdad Mashayekhi, a University Professor from Sharif University, said: "If a company is put in the right environment, greater results will be achieved and If the company is to create value for their community, the community will always support growth for that organization.“
Gary Lewis, Representative of the United Nations Coordinator in Iran: The Operating Partnership to Promote the Formation of Sustainable Development
Gary Lewis, the United Nations resident representative in Iran, while emphasizing the role of participation in the formation of sustainable development said: “MAHAK has played a prominent role in promoting the concept of social responsibility in recent years in Iran, which has resulted in expanding the understanding of small/medium enterprises of their responsibilities. With the promotion of population participation and the importance of community’s interests we can fit a solution to current and future problems of countries in different aspects, including environmental and health issues."
Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Behkish, University Professor and Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), while introducing the activities of the Chamber of Commerce, he explained the role of ICC in CSR. He emphasized on the role of NGOs such as, MAHAK that are ran in systematical  manners can be a model for upcoming businesses and other NGOs in the field of the CSR , with expert builds an example vector template for other organizations. 
In addition we were also delighted to host Alaa Mir Mohammad Sadeghi, member of Iran Chamber of Commerce board of directors and vice-president of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Stephane Rey, minister and deputy head of mission of Switzerland Embassy, CEOs of Schneider Electric, Buhler and Eltek, Gholam Hossein Shafei, chairman of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture and Zia Mottehedan, member of Industrial Managers Association at this congress.
While MAHAK expresses its deep appreciation to all the pundits and contributors that participated in this international scientific and professional congress, it hopes to increase the trust of its supporters and public to the benefit of its vision and mission in providing better services to children with cancer and build a beautiful and more desirable global community.
Our biggest wish is to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our benevolent supporters and transcendent global organizations, thus we could have our final farewell with cancer.