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It was a long time that I had not been to MAHAK's playrooms and I had missed them so much. I decided to go there and spend some time with the children. When I entered the place I was surprised because there was only one child in the room, a boy wearing a mask. I asked for the reason; "The other children are resting because they have received chemotherapy" replied a psychologist who was playing with the boy.
The boy beat the psychologist in a memory game. Then I joined him who was searching for the box of toy construction tools. He wanted to assemble something so I assumed he would like to be an engineer in future and I asked him about this. To my surprise he gave a reply contrary to what I had foretold. He said that he liked to become a scientist in order to transform all the dinosaurs to dragons, make a kindness potion and ask a kind dragon to distribute it among all human beings. He added that he had to study day and night to achieve his goal and he had no problem with spending his whole time on this goal. We assembled a table while we were talking with each other.
Later on, he showed his arm and said that he was interested in weightlifting and wrestling and added that he would eat lots of healthy food to grow up faster and become powerful. 
Then we took some photos and I said goodbye and left the room.
The following day he gave me a warm visit and I gave him his photos, then he headed towards home joyfully.
The existence of such places at MAHAK is great for the children since they can flourish their dreams and live their childhood days as they should.
One of MAHAK's staff