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We are from South of Iran, we live in Bandar Abbas and we commute to Qeshm Island frequently. Have you ever been to the South? It's fascinating and I love it. This Ramadan I pleaded to my mother that I wanted to fast. I fasted for two days but I fainted and I became weak. I felt like my soul had left my body and would never come back.
Although I didn't fast any more, I didn't become any better; then my mother took me to the hospital where I was diagnosed with cancer. My granny got worried more than everyone since I was the apple of her eyes. I didn't like to be away from her but my mother decided that we had to go to Tehran.
I was upset 6 months ago when I came to MAHAK and since I didn't know anyone, I didn't want to go out of my room. I was thinking why I was far from my hometown. But after two months I got accustomed to the situation. I have got to know many of MAHAK's staff and I have made lots of friends now. They call me, talk to me and care about me. My granny calls me every day and cares about me from miles away and I am very glad about this. She posts all of my favorite foods to me; all that I enjoy eating. She and my uncle tell me: "You'll get well and will come back soon." I really believe in this and I am excited about having lots of friends here. I believe that soon I will see my granny, leap into her arms and hear her saying "Ay mo! Ay mo!" which means O' dear, O' dear.
I would like to tell the children who come to MAHAK to be happy every day and listen to joyful music; this way you will get well soon and can go back home.