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Mohammad Hossein is 19 and has just been accepted to a university to study laboratory sciences. MAHAK's diligent son has been in remission for many years and refers to MAHAK for periodical checkups. About MAHAK he says:" MAHAK is my second home and I miss this place. I always feel comfortable under this roof." 
Mohammad Hossein was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 8 and he came to MAHAK for treatment from his hometown in north of Iran. "I fought with my disease from the age of 8 until 11 and I didn't let it keep me away from studying my school lessons. During the years of treatment, only in the third year of junior high school was that I could not attend my examinations in the same way as my classmates, and I sat for them in September instead of June. Although I had an official permission to take my exams at home, I took them at school because I didn't want to act in a different way from my classmates."
Mohammad Hossein highlights his motivation toward defeating cancer and says:" During the treatment days I told myself that I'd better study my school lessons instead of lying on the bed and thinking about my disease. Therefore, I learned experimental sciences and mathematics and got prepared for my exams."
This clever son of MAHAK has defeated cancer and has been accepted to a university relying on his competitive morale. 
We thank the ever-expanding family of MAHAK for staying with cancer-stricken children to give them hope toward their future life.