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Our story started by going from one doctor to another, from dr. Abbasioun to Dr. Vousough and finally we came to know that my friend( my tumor) has started growing. I asked it why you have chosen this time for growing? Was it the right time? Finally We couldn’t make it and travelling  to the North was postponed. I moved to MAHAK hospital with my friend and immediately the chemotherapy started.
It has been three weeks that I have been coming to MAHAK hospital for chemotherapy and according to my physicians I have to continue the chemotherapy until the end of summer. 
Every day on our way to MAHAK she keeps telling me that the Moddares high way is like the north forest and DarAbad road is like Chaloos meanders. However I have not travelled to the north and did not swim in the sea but I have come to MAHAK, a place with lots of caring people who have strong passion for children and lovely physicians and staff who are my safeguards. Here I have the same feeling which I would have if had travelled to the north of Iran.