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I will never forget those days! After graduating in Tehran, I returned to Kerman, my lovely city, where the warmth of the earth and the starry sky represent warm hearts and mysterious minds of its inhabitants. I volunteered for cancer patients' support association. It had been two years that I went to the department of blood and oncology of Afzalipour Hospital in Kerman for play therapy and story-telling. I had chosen Friday evenings; because I had touched their gloominess, and as I found them more unpleasant at hospitals, I wanted to have a small role in reducing this feeling for hospitalized children.
During those days I was in the depths of despair, I learned resistance, struggle and hopefulness from children. I came back to Tehran with lots of hope to continue my education. I was looking for a job in Tehran till I read a job advertisement by MAHAK. I had heard about MAHAK when I was volunteering in Kerman and I had visited a MAHAK volunteer at Afzalipour Hospital. I had a strange interest in being active in the field of childhood cancer and I was sure that I would be accepted in MAHAK, not because of my abilities but because of those Friday evenings!
Today, four years have passed since I started working at MAHAK. I have experienced sweet days full of hope along with hard days under the roof of MAHAK, but throughout this period, my mind was busy with something. Although I knew that all children who were under treatment in Kerman were supported by MAHAK, every time I saw a mother who was accompanied by a social worker or a psychologist, I was reminded of the mothers of the children in Kerman. Every time a joyful ceremony was held at MAHAK, I wished that the children of Kerman were there and enjoyed it. Every time I went to play rooms and I saw psychologists there I remembered being in the play rooms in Kerman, and sensed how necessary is the presence of psychologists.
This year MAHAK started running its third strategic plan. I became extremely excited about MAHAK's strategies since realization of these strategies in the coming years has been our goal and need. All the managers have been trying to find out how to implement them. One of these programs was the integration and development of MAHAK’s support services throughout the country. The concern that had been in my mind for four years had been in the minds of the founders and directors of this organization from the very first moment of establishing this organization. Today, an attempt has been made to bring MAHAK’s support services to other cities with the highest quality, the same as MAHAK Hospital. Once again I remembered the gloomy dawns and thank my companions of the great family of MAHAK. I was pleased that in the coming years, not only in my fully serene city, but also throughout the whole Iran, all children with cancer and their families will receive more social work and psychological support in addition to the financial ones.