last update: 22-07-2019


These days, Amirhossein is experiencing completely different times from what he had 5 years ago; the days of 2012 and his challenge with cancer which now is just a distant memory of his championship days.
He came from Kerman, a state in south of Iran and is studying in grade 8; he loves swimming, volleyball and wants to be a veterinarian since he has a good connection with animals. 
He is not willing to speak that much and rather leaves it to his mother. With tears in her eyes, she says: “It was really hard as a working mother to cope with my son’s cancer on one hand and balance up between my routines and taking care of my other 3 year-old son on the other hand. I don’t even know how those days are gone.”
 From the very first moment of his diagnosis, he was introduced to MAHAK. His mom continues: “MAHAK’s support has been crucial throughout his treatment journey and whenever I needed help I was sure that MAHAK is always there for me. Cancer treatment is a very difficult and expensive process which without MAHAK could have been much more difficult to cope with.”
Amirhossein continued chemotherapy for 6 months but the medical team prescribed BMT transplantation as the best treatment for him. His mom continues: “It was the new year when I heard about the completion of his treatment which was as if the world had been given to me. That day has always been the best day in my life so far. His treatment took 1 year and during all those days, only hope kept me strong and steady. I knew that I will witness Amirhossein’s remission one day.” 
“I wish remission for all children specially MAHAK children. They just should keep their hope alive” she said.
By help and support of the ever expanding family of MAHAK, we strive for expanding our services for more cancer-stricken children throughout the country and hope to witness the day of their remission.