last update: 22-05-2019


Amir, one of MAHAK children, who is in remission now, has succeeded in being the youth table tennis talent scout in Alborz state.
Amir, who has been playing table tennis professionally for many years and been the assistant coach for a while at the sport clubs of his area, has passed the coaching tests successfully; he will be the talent scout in the state of Alborz in cooperation with International Table Tennis Federation’s Hopes Program.
Being Diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma never stopped him from reaching championship in sport. Last year, he won the third place at the first round of youth clubs tournaments. As a champion against cancer, we wish him more achievements and shiny medals.
We congratulate Amir and the ever expanding family of MAHAK for such success and hope for more days like this when we celebrate the remission of more cancer-stricken children and later on their success and achievements in their favorite fields.