last update: 16-02-2019



Arnica is a kind little girl who invariably brings a gift with herself whenever she comes to MAHAK for her periodic check-ups since her discharge from the hospital.  A hand-made gift full of love and kindness for her little friends, as well as nurses and occupational therapists in MAHAK with whom she spent much of her treatment years.

Six-year-old Arnica was diagnosed with ALL when she was 3.  Her treatment days in MAHAK were filled with trepidations as well as hope and determination.  

Arnica said goodbye to cancer in 2012 after 3 years of treatment.  Thankfully, the end of treatment did not translate into a goodbye to MAHAK for Arnica and her larger family.  After stopping the treatment, she occasionally comes to meet her friends delivering her hand-crafted gifts of beautiful hopes and wishes to MAHAK children.