last update: 16-02-2019



Samira, one of MAHAK survivors, was among the first patients admitted in the newly constructed MAHAK hospital in 2008.  As she explains: ”At that time MAHAK’s building was so new that you could even smell the construction material”
Samira believes her disease has been a milestone in her life.  Before that she had known herself as an irritable girl for whom simple things mattered a lot; but she has grown with the illness and has thought of making some changes in her attitude.  She says, “I’ve grown both mentally and physically in MAHAK, and have since become hopeful of great days in future.”
When talking about her doctor, Professor Parvaneh Vossough, she tries to hide signs of missing her, in her eyes.  Samira remembers her first days in the hospital, when her kind doctor jokingly knocked on the wooden door while entering Samira’s room, in order to keep her away from curses that may adversely affect her beauty and health.
Today, Samira is a graduate student studying to become an architect.  She willingly serves as a volunteer in MAHAK and regularly shares with the children with cancer and their families that what they are dealing with now, has been her past.  The times that with hope, patience, resistance and companionship of people who don’t forget these children, ushered the promise of a future filled with health and success.
Samira is now a firm believer in a happy future full of hope and health for all the children with cancer.