last update: 12-12-2019



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Members are considered as assets to MAHAK and a main policy of the organization has been to not only keep up the flow of membership but also implement programs to motivate members and 

boost up their participation in organized activities.
The membership department is one of the most important sections of MAHAK. In fact, subscriptions provide a significant part of the resources required for MAHAK response to child cancer and the running costs of the hospital.
To give clearer picture, a membership fee of one dollar per month received from three members in a year will provide the cost of a full course of chemotherapy for a child. Memberships can either be individual, or by a group or an organization. Membership subscriptions start at 1 dollar per month and can be increased as the member wishes. For organizations, the minimum subscription is 50 dollar to register as a member. Another source of membership is a scheme where each member introduces 5 new members to the organization.
Membership in MAHAK can be defined in two forms. Some members simply register and pay their monthly membership fees; however, others are at the same time active as volunteers and participate, either part time or full time, in the daily activities of the hospital. Volunteers are considered as driving force for developing initiatives in MAHAK.