last update: 20-09-2018



To mark prominent milestones in human life and history, MAHAK commemorates recognized International Days related to its fields of competence and appreciates all communities and organizations that strive to help fellow human beings in need of assistance in different facets of their lives.

Your donations matter

We all have the experience of being invited to perform charitable activities. Sometimes in our friendly gatherings and sometimes in social networks we receive messages which encourage us to cooperate with each other to create a difference and help our fellow beings. In such occasions it is very important not to take our efforts for granted so that our fellow beings will receive them in the right way. Under the roof of MAHAK we have been able to provide the best treatment and support services to the cancer-stricken children while their dignity has been observed as a result of the ongoing contribution of the ever-expanding family of MAHAK.

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Helping Others in Difficulties Is the Art of Humanity

When we are happy and everything is pleasant, providing help to others is really valued. But when we are passing hard days of life, thinking of others and helping them is a kind of art! Today we received a letter in one of MAHAK's donation boxes. Reading this letter reminded us that there are still people who make the impossible possible with their sense of humanity.

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