last update: 19-11-2019


MAHAK commemorates World Hospice and Palliative Care Day on October 10, 2016 under the theme of ‘Living and dying in pain: It doesn’t have to happen’ to raise awareness and understanding of the medical, social and spiritual needs of the children with cancer and their families by improving health care services and increasing their quality of lives by providing equipped care centers while reducing the pain and burdens of the service provision. 
In this vein, MAHAK has established the first palliative care ward devoted to pediatric in-patient cancer cases aiming to provide special medical services and reduce the pain caused by cancer treatment. In another hand, MAHAK social workers put their efforts to support the cancer-stricken children, their parents and siblings with counseling, educating and assisting in what required for palliation. 
We at MAHAK would like to express our appreciation to all health care providers and non-governmental organizations which have adopted proactive and effective measures to increase the availability of hospice and palliative care throughout the world and hope that one day all people live their lives in a healthy and hopeful manner with your support and cooperation.