last update: 16-11-2019


On ‘World Teacher’s Day’ observed on October 5, we would like to show our deepest gratitude and appreciation to all teachers around the world especially those who work voluntarily at MAHAK and other hospitals with oncology wards around the country whose knowledge and contributions have assisted our children with regular educational programs.
MAHAK School according to the rules and principles of Ministry of Education is the realization of a part of our dreams for cancer-stricken children admitted to hospital which is planned to maximize their chances for recovery and returning to the normal life after their remission. 
At the same time with the opening school season, MAHAK School is also working. The teachers go to children in each and every room of the hospital to teach and make them ready for taking their exams on time just like their friends in regular schools.
We appreciate all the individuals and the organizations whose contributions are a powerful support which help us to keep moving in the right path to provide our children with the best qualified services.