last update: 16-11-2019


Since the birth of MAHAK until today, the presence of volunteers has been part of its identity. MAHAK is an organization whose founder, pillars and volunteers have devoted their love, spirit, life and expertise without any expectation to its cause of supporting cancer-stricken children and their families.
During 2016, MAHAK volunteers' contributions by 145,599 hours of volunteering which worth 13,825,472,377 Rials, has helped MAHAK to improve its organizational effectiveness indicators and achieve its preset organizational goals. Moreover volunteers' efforts have helped MAHAK to take a long step in maintaining its social responsibility and institutionalizing a civil movement which are the indicators for any society in progress.
Happy ‘International Volunteer Day (IVD)’ which is marked on December 5, 2017, under the theme of “Volunteers Act First. Here. Everywhere” to all volunteers and members of the ever-expanding family of MAHAK.