last update: 16-02-2019



To mark prominent milestones in human life and history, MAHAK commemorates recognized International Days related to its fields of competence and appreciates all communities and organizations that strive to help fellow human beings in need of assistance in different facets of their lives.

In Celebration of World Standards Day

Today, MAHAK joins the rest of the world in celebrating World Standards Day 2015 under the announced theme of ‘Standards – the world’s common language’; the day that is acknowledged each year to pay tribute to the collaborative efforts of the thousands of experts worldwide who develop the agreements that are published as international standards.

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Happy International Father’s Day

 Today, on the international Father’s day, we at MAHAK would like to take this opportunity to show our love to our fathers and express our sincerest gratitude to the fathers all over the globe for their unrivaled sacrifices. Furthermore, we would like to deeply

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