last update: 11-10-2638



To mark prominent milestones in human life and history, MAHAK commemorates recognized International Days related to its fields of competence and appreciates all communities and organizations that strive to help fellow human beings in need of assistance in different facets of their lives.

Disability is not Inability

In commemoration of International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD), we would like to appreciate disable persons' efforts and strength which remind us each day that there is no limit for hope and happiness and "Disability is not Inability"

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Kindness flows in MAHAK

Kindness is cherished in every culture and religion since it is the savior of humankind regardless of nationality, ethnicity, or gender in ups and downs of life. It is 25 years that kindness flows in MAHAK to deliver the best level of treatment and welfare services to children with cancer and their families. 

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One day, the world will live as one

On the occasion of ‘World United Nations Day’ as a devoted day for making known the UN different agencies, their aims, activities and achievements, we would like to appreciate their efforts in the establishment and spread of unity, peace and sense of humanity around the world.

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Standards Build Trust

On the occasion of ‘World Standards Day’ 2016 marked with the theme of “Standards Build Trust”, we at MAHAK would like to honor the efforts of the organizations and individuals involved with developing standards around the world used consistently to ensure that materials, products, processes and services are fit for their purpose. 

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