last update: 22-05-2019


On December 25-27, the 8th Conference on Iranian Laser Medicine under the theme of ‘the Role of Laser in Cancer’ was held in MAHAK Hospital.
Administrative director of the conference, explaining the laser medical achievements in recent years, stated: "Typically, laser treatment has been used in areas associated with cosmetic interventions, while attempts and researches by professors and field experts have provided the world of medicine with immense and effective achievements."
Although the therapeutic side effects  can have temporary adverse impacts during treatment, scientific findings have demonstrated that quality of life of cancer patients can be improved by new laser methods.
MAHAK appreciates the presence of experts and interested attendees in its scientific-professional conferences, and hopes that by conducting such knowledge-sharing programs, its stakeholders will remain abreast of the latest contributions in the field of pediatrics thus raising the level and quality of organizational and personnel knowledge leading to improved therapeutic and general medical services required for successful physiological and psychological treatment.