last update: 22-05-2019


On the 16th of January 2014, a friendly volleyball match between the cancer survivors of MAHAK family and a team consisting of national media reporters was held in MAHAK. Before the play, the visiting journalists who have been invited to participate in this special event, were given a tour of the hospital and the residential center.
From the very start of the match, the children of MAHAK alongside their families, staff and volunteers were cheering on the players.  The first set finished with a score of 15 to 12 in favor of MAHAK children. The next set was even more intense, but this time MAHAK team used more of their passing skills and percision in order to win the set again with the same score.  The third set terminated in 16 to 14 in favor of MAHAK team. 
Thus MAHAK children won the match with a score of 3 to 0 receiving both the winning cup and the love and hope aspired from this play.  At the end, MAHAK team gave their cup to their opponent as a sign of gratitude and appreciation for bringing yet another day of joy, hope and happiness to MAHAK family.
This is one among many activities MAHAK regularly conducts in promoting and reinforcing the conviction that ’Cancer Is Not the End’.
MAHAK fully appreciates all the kindness and support benevolent members and volunteers selflessly provide which, through these types of activities, help children remain children, giving them hope and conviction, preventing them from becoming reclusive, and thus assisting them in maximizing their chances for recovery and returning to normal life afterwards.