last update: 16-02-2019


On 14th of April 2015, the managers of Support Services, Volunteers and Public and International Relations departments at MAHAK visited the Iranian Hemophilia Society in order to appreciate the services this association delivers in therapeutic, educational, philanthropic and charitable areas. 
During this visit, which was aimed to coincide with the World Hemophilia Day, the managers of MAHAK took part in a meeting with the CEO and top managers of the Iranian Hemophilia Society to become familiar with each other’s activities, exchange knowledge and experience for managing challenges, and accordingly offer the best services. It is our belief that defining cooperation in areas of common procedures between MAHAK and other organizations would lead to a synergy in both.
By conducting such visits, MAHAK would like to play its part by highlighting the humanitarian essence leading to its creation, growth, and sustenance and wish that this model of hope and love can be emulated and supported wherever needed across the globe.