last update: 16-02-2019


The first round of collecting children’s MAHAK donation boxes started on 13th of April 2015 by holding a symbolic celebration in one of the schools in Tehran. 
This celebration was held in ‘Shahidan-e-Ramesheh’ high school with the motto of “All together we rush to help children with cancer”,  with the presence of the founder and some of MAHAK’s board members along with some of the managers of Ministry of Education. 
Promoting Culture and Helping Fellow Human Beings, Core Goals of MAHAK
Saideh Ghods, founder of MAHAK, emphasizing on the necessity of the educational system’s attention to promote social responsibility concept among children and teenagers, said, “The joy, motivation, and power of youth in students can turn to an influential and functional power if channeled in the right way, in order to deliver social services to others. Non-governmental organizations alongside with governmental social service organizations should cooperate to promote the culture. Hope these efforts end in increasing the responsibility and self-confidence of the young people who uphold the future of Iran.”     
The Effective Role of NGOs in Responding to Social Needs
Hossein Talebzadeh, the head of Ministry of Education - District Two, referred to the need of developing societies to NGOs and said, “Nowadays, there are needs which the government cannot attend to on its own, and NGOs should take the responsibility of such matters. MAHAK can be considered as a role model according to international standards.”
Mohammad Kazem Dehghani, managing director of Pupils Association News Agency (PANA), appreciated MAHAK’s effort in developing altruism in children and teenagers, along with educational system, and said, “The founder of MAHAK, with a pioneer role in helping fellow human beings, has taught us responsibility, and besides all other worthwhile roles, has performed the precious role of teaching as well.”  
MAHAK’s Young Supporters
In the end of the celebration, MAHAK donation boxes were broken by students and artists such as Roozbeh Nemattollahi, Davood Monfared, and Abbas Shojayi whose presence brought joy and excitement to the environment. 
In cooperation with Persian Students Association, MAHAK has distributed its donation boxes among children and teenagers within the schools of Tehran Since October 2014 in order to promote the culture of helping fellow human beings among adolescents.
MAHAK’s donation box is one of the oldest and easiest ways to help the children with cancer, and the donation boxes designed for children is a way for them to comrade their small friends in MAHAK to fight cancer.