last update: 21-05-2019


Approaching Nowruz‚ there was a celebration held in Golhaye Nikoo Kinder garden during which the children made hats from elements of the Haft-Seen, wearing traditional costumes, singing New Year’s songs, and celebrating the arrival of spring together in the most joyful manner. 
MAHAK Donation box’s doll clothing was also present in this ceremony and distributed MAHAK’s donation boxes among children in a separate stand. The young supporters of MAHAK wrote their New Year wishes on the pieces of paper coloured with symbols of Nowruz. One of the wishes was:” I wish that our city would always be clean and that everyone could live a healthy life and no one gets ill.”
In the end, children handed over their filled donations boxes to MAHAK’s stand, being opened and counted and afterwards they were given new ones in order to start saving love for their friends at MAHAK in the New Year. In this event, children together with their parents and tutors experienced the beautiful tradition of helping others. 
MAHAK greatly appreciates the support of the ones who strive to educate others and promoting this beautiful tradition of helping fellow human beings.  We at MAHAK also wish for the day that every child defeats cancer and spreads the herald of Nowruz year after year.