last update: 14-12-2018


MAHAK hosted the 9th children’s painting exhibition held on April 16-17, 2015 under the theme of ‘Offering a Hand of Friendship’ which raised a total of 433.877.000 IRR. 
Artist and instructor Ms. Tara Behbahani, daughter of the famed painter and sculptor artist, Mr. Taha Behbahani, who organized the event in favor of MAHAK children said: “Having originated from the grand idea of helping fellow human beings, I’m beyond happy to organize this event to encourage children to help their little friends while getting more familiar with MAHAK.”
All the revenue raised from this exhibition, in which 67 paintings of children under 17 years of age had been displayed, as always will be spent on medicine for and treatment of children suffering from cancer.
We are grateful to all the volunteers and supporters from the youngest to the eldest who assist MAHAK in holding exhibitions and other events of this nature. Your trust, support and cooperation are our safeguard in wishing and planning for the day when all cancer-stricken patients receive the required support and assistance for a life of health, dignity and fulfillment.