last update: 19-02-2019


In coincidence with the International Volunteer day, ‘Giuseppe Peluso’, spent his afternoon at MAHAK to make pizza with cancer-stricken children and their families. In the ‘Afternoon Pizza’ coordinated by embassy of Italy in Tehran, the children experienced a wonderful baking pizza event with supervision of MAHAK’s nutritionist, psychologists and social workers.
When it comes to Pizza, the Italians are the best
The Italian chef with almost 20 years of experience in baking pizza around the world helped children patiently to chop the ingredients and do the topping of their own pizzas. One pizza was topped with cheese only and another with mushrooms and olive. When all pizzas got ready, the children gathered with their parents and their new friends to taste their own-made pizza. Later, all the children took photos with the chef and thanked him personally for spending his day for MAHAK and cancer-stricken children.
Afternoon Pizza Surprise
The domestic part of this event was ‘Mubarak’, a black handmade doll with a strange but funny voice. ‘Mubarak’ gave a hand to children in the process of making pizza and made baking time go faster than everyone could have thought. Playing around the children made them smile from the bottom of their heart.
At the end of the event, CEO of MAHAK presented a painting done by MAHAK young supporters to the chef on behalf of all MAHAK children appreciating his sense of humor, support and cooperation. Giuseppe was immensely excited and said that he will hang this painting on his pizzeria’s wall in Russia.
Happy International Volunteer Day
MAHAK appreciates all the individuals and organizations donating their time and knowledge passionately to spread the sense of altruism towards supporting children all over the world, similarly, the Embassy of Italy and the chef Giuseppe Peluso who made a great memory for MAHAK children.
A quarter-century of activity is the result of being supported by volunteers who are currently more than 1000 persons and according to MAHAK’s annual report in year 2014, more than 145,000 hours is the total time of their contribution to MAHAK.
MAHAK has always continuously striven to facilitate children with cancer’s treatment process by using the profession, experience and support of its medical team, staff and volunteers in order to make happy and joyful days for cancer-stricken children.