last update: 16-02-2019


The International Award of the Academy of Iranian Physicians and Dentists in Germany (AIA) for Excellence in Public Health and Medicine was presented to Saideh Ghods, founder of MAHAK, on 3rd of December 2016, for her dedication to cancer-stricken children and changing her personal concern into a greater consciousness in the society which led to foundation of an NGO. The ceremony was held with the presence of professors and medical professionals from all over the world including two scientific speeches.
Appreciation for 25 Years of Humanitarian Activities
Professor. Alireza Ranjbar, the president and chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Academy of Iranian Physicians and Dentists in Germany (AIA), appreciated MAHAK for 25 years of providing cancer-stricken children and their families with the best level of treatment and supporting services. Recognizing MAHAK as one of the most significant NGOs in the country, he stated:” currently, more than 25000 children are under treatment and welfare support of MAHAK across the country.”
Supporting All Cancer-Stricken Children across the Country
Saideh Ghods, during her speech regarding the history of founding MAHAK, said:” the idea of founding of NGO for supporting children with cancer was an inspiration from the similar International models. I should mention that MAHAK, during the past 25 years of its professional existence in the field of pediatric cancer has played vital role in growing life-expectancy average among pediatric patients and decreasing governmental expenses by utilizing Iranian social capacity to create effective availability and equality of treatment and support services for all the children with cancer.
MAHAK, form a Personal Concern to an NGO
In 2008, the Wall Street Journal has placed Saideh Ghods, founder of MAHAK, the Society to Support Children Suffering from Cancer, on its annual ’50 Women to Watch’ list, she was also rewarded the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) award in the field of ‘Women in Development’ in the same year and was introduced as one of the social entrepreneurial leaders in the 3rd International Conference on Entrepreneurship Improvement of Business Environment in 2016.
MAHAK continuously strives to take greater steps by improving the quality and quantity of its services to children with cancer. Being recognized by different academic and social organizations indicates that after 25 years of existence, MAHAK is still loyal to its initial core and takes steps on the right track.