last update: 19-02-2019


Dr. Azim Mehrvar, a hematologist and pediatric oncology specialist and head of MAHAK hospital along with Dr. Maryam Tashvighi, a hematologist and pediatric oncology specialist attended the 48th congress of the International Society of Pediatric Oncology (SIOP) held on October 19-22, 2016 in Dublin, Ireland.
In keeping with the tradition of previous SIOP congresses, the scientific program was comprised of Keynote speeches such as plenary sessions, guest lectures, committee sessions and proffered paper sessions. An educational day for young investigators was an innovative section of scientific researchers and investigators during this congress.
This congress is taking place regionally and internationally during the year focusing on pediatric oncology in order to improve and optimize treatments, to create opportunities to exchange ideas and expertise in an international framework throughout the world with the vision of ‘no child should die of cancer.’
During the past 25 years of activity, MAHAK has always striven to deliver more effective and more qualified services to children with cancer and their families by participating in such fora to gain necessary and up-to-dated information, to meet with experts in different arenas and to share its experts’ knowledge and experiences with others toward the fruition of the world-wide dream of eradicating cancer specially among children all over the world.