last update: 16-02-2019




The 74th MAHAK charity bazaar in the form of a food festival was held on December 22-23, 2016 in coincidence with the longest night of the year, Yalda, by cooperation of over 300 volunteers and serving around 2500 visitors in this two-day event.
The food charity bazaar is annually held at MAHAK with the aim of supplying medicine for treatment of children with cancer and gathering all the supporters to witness the result of their patience and support towards MAHAK at the place of this hospital.
This year’s winter charity bazaar was decorated with the snowflakes and snowmen all over the bazaar reminding every participant that love and passion for humanitarian support could change the cold days of winter into spring. 
The photo booth, decorated with snowman was exceptionally welcomed by visitors like the previous charity bazaars giving them the chance to record happy and joyful moments they spent with their families and friends at MAHAK food festival.
Revenue Generated by Bazaar
Almost 4,000,000,000 IRR was raised during this charity food festival which will be spent on support and treatment of children suffering from cancer all over the country.
MAHAK always appreciates the help of all volunteers and supporters who have always stood by MAHAK during the past 25 years in holding such events. We wish one day with your support and contribution, we celebrate the remission of all support and treatment of children.