last update: 16-02-2019


MAHAK, on its 25th anniversary, is going to hold the 4th International Corporate Social Responsibility Congress on February 13, 2017 coinciding with International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD).
This congress will be held with professional and financial support of both Iran and Tehran Chambers of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture and scientific support of Amirkabir University of Technology, Sharif University of Technology and Iranian Business School (IBS) under the theme of ‘CSR: Best Practices in Civil Society Initiatives’ at MAHAK, the society to support children suffering from cancer with the presence of prominent experts, business executives and economic agents.
The main subject foci of this congress are:
o Application of CSR in organizations:
Strategies and Policies
Secrets to Success
Creating Culture
o Best CSR Practices and Recommendations
In the last 6 years, MAHAK as a pioneering charity organization in addressing the issue of corporate social responsibility, has held three specialized conferences under the rubric of ‘CSR and Childhood Cancer’ in order to look into effects of social cooperation between agency and its beneficiaries after reiterating the role of NGOs as the main actors in the civil society arena and the targets of CSR programs of private economic entities.
MAHAK believes that the bond among NGOs, business entities and private sector will lead to promotion of the concept of  CSRin the society and always strives to utilize national and international professionals’ opinions through organizing specialized and focused meetings and congresses in order to provide cancer-stricken children with the best and the most qualified treatment and support services