last update: 19-02-2019


”MAHAK Cancer Survivors’ Day” Celebration was held on December 30, 2016 at MAHAK with the aim of appreciating the selfless help and support provided by MAHAK’s volunteers and philanthropists along with giving hope to children during their treatment process  by demonstrating that “Cancer is Not the End”.  
In this ceremony which was held in coincidence with MAHAK’s 25th anniversary, two of the recovered children went up on the stage and spoke about their memories of how they defeated cancer and wished all their friends good health. Afterwards, one of MAHAK heroes spread joy and hopes by playing guitar and singing along. At the end of the ceremony, MAHAK’s survivors, volunteers and staff gathered together and cut a big cake to celebrate their recovery.
December 27th has been marked as “MAHAK Cancer Survivors’ Day” on the occasion of the birthday of MAHAK founder’s daughter. A girl who overcame cancer 25 years ago and her struggle during the treatment process triggered her mother to found a place for supporting cancer-stricken children's families.
During the past quarter-century of activity, with your love and support, 5600 children survived bravely to realize their wishes and dreams. MAHAK has always striven to equalize the nationwide supporting services so no family would be alone during their child’s treatment process. 
MAHAK strongly hopes, accompanied by all supporters who are concerned about helping their fellow human beings, to witness the day when all the people around the world celebrate the farewell to cancer ceremony.