last update: 14-12-2018


 Ahmad Pourfallah, the member of Board of Trustees, Senior Advisor of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture and also the secretary of the congress recited congress’ statement and stated:
“Population growth, industrialization and increasing social problems have led to a transition from traditional approach to charitable acts to a systemic one towards helping fellow human being. 
Due to complexities of today’s societies, the governments cannot be in charge of all societal concerns. As a result, there has to be some form of non-governmental organizations to take necessary actions for the issues that governments cannot assume full responsibilities for. The concept of ‘Social Responsibility’ has been formed based on this requirement and gradually evolved to the point where today it has become one of the key areas of Chambers of Commerce’s activities as the base for entrepreneurs and business agents.
MAHAK is an organization established with the superior motive to serve humankind and the mission of supporting children suffering from cancer so families have few other concerns but their child’s treatment process, and that the children with cancer can handle their treatment process with more content and hope. During its quarter century of activity, MAHAK has consistently given special consideration to the concept of “Corporate Social Responsibility.
Help and support of our benefactors, devotion of our social workers and your contributions either individually or on behalf of an organization like Iran and Tehran Chambers of Commerce, has assisted MAHAK to achieve its long and short term goals. MAHAK’s reputation has crossed the borders by obtaining recognition in the form of precious awards which reassures MAHAK and all its supporters around the world that it remains on the right track.
MAHAK assumed a pioneering role among NGOs in promoting CSR from its first Strategic Plan developed in 2010. It has attempted to draw attention of business entities to the concept of Social Responsibilities and promote CSR in the society by holding biennial congresses focusing on different aspects of this concept. 
In line with MAHAK’s vision statement which commits to supporting cancer-stricken children’s families while ensuring that no child with cancer is ever refused comprehensive treatment due to poor financial status, this organization attempts to guide other charity organizations that share a similar concern regarding Social Responsibility to develop systematic and practical methods for instilling the culture of corporate social responsibility among corporate entities.