last update: 16-02-2019


MAHAK’s website received the first rank as the best operating non-governmental website among more than 1000 active websites in the 9th Iran Web Festival 2017 for the third consecutive year by the expert jury and also by public voting.
This festival is being held since nine years ago in the field of information technology with the aim of improving the process of content development in cyberspace. Everybody around the world is allowed to join this festival by voting to their favorite nominated website. 
MAHAK Always strives to steadfastly reflect its principles of transparency, accountability and appreciation by reporting and publishing news for public in its website by which the audience can monitor and evaluate the operation of MAHAK continuously.
Being recognized by one of the most prominent festivals of its kind again assures MAHAK’s ever-expanding family that the path is correct. MAHAK appreciates your contribution and support during the past 25 years during which you have made impossible possible.