last update: 16-02-2019


It was International Childhood Cancer Day when she came to MAHAK. 
She said: “I saw this day marked in the calendar as International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD) so I planned to come to MAHAK with my father and his colleagues.” She brought many gifts for MAHAK children including healthy snacks. “I am waiting for this day since a month ago to come here and meet my lovely friends.” She said.
Showing her hand plaster with a bright smile on her face, she said:” I should have removed it two days ago but I liked to show it to my friends at MAHAK so that they come to know other people who get sick. I just wanted to tell them that I am standing by them and they should never lose their hope.”
Hanieh is one of the thousand supporters of MAHAK who are the messengers of love and hope for cancer-stricken children. The ones, who come to MAHAK, write letter for their friends at MAHAK, organize charity bazaars in their schools or fill MAHAK donation boxes with their pocket money.
MAHAK always welcomes everyone who is eager to have a tour around the hospital and institution in order to get familiar with different departments and activities by which they could find their appropriate way of contribution.
MAHAK, as an organization with more than 1000 active volunteers and thousands of supporters around the world is proud of having very young supporters like Hanieh and puts its efforts on promoting the concept of humanitarian activities and support among the society.