last update: 22-05-2019


The World Cancer Day (WCD) is one of the most important events among all the organizations active in cancer field due to its spread among people regardless of age or gender. Raising awareness among people in the societies and making them involved in this process is one aspect of cancer centric organizations' responsibility towards this goal. 
This report is an abstract of MAHAK's activities regarding UICC's World Cancer Day (WCD) campaign in two main divisions including 'Events' held by MAHAK or 'Public Engagement' inspiring activities as a full member of UICC and in line with the realization of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 
We at MAHAK would like to appreciate all our supporters around the world without whom, none of our dreams and activities could have come true during these 25 years and hope for the day we can celebrate the farewell to cancer especially pediatric ones.