last update: 19-02-2019


On the occasion of the ‘National Arbor Day’ marked on March 5, 2017, MAHAK children were the audience of a puppet show.
The puppet named ‘Aabi’ told the story of the ‘Small Tree’ and its life. The children along with their parents gathered at MAHAK’s residential center to watch this show organized and conducted by the volunteers.
During the show, ‘Aabi’ talked about the trees, their vital role in our lives and the importance of planting them. MAHAK little heroes while eagerly listened to him sang happy songs with their friends, family and Aabi.
During the past 25 years of activity, MAHAK has always striven to provide cancer-stricken children with the best and the most qualified services including happy and interesting events in which the volunteers have always stood by MAHAK and support us. Organizing such events on different occasions will help children to expand their life skills, improve their quality of life and create chance for children to remain children.