last update: 19-02-2019


Haji Firuz, a fictional character in Iranian folklore who appears in the beginning of Nowruz with red clothes and black face, came to visit MAHAK children to cheer them up, make them laugh and announce them that spring is coming.
Same as the previous years, cancer-stricken children and their families at MAHAK residential center welcomed the Persian New Year by making and painting pottery dishes to set up the Haftseen, the traditional table of items starting with the word ‘S’, for every hospital wards by the help of MAHAK’s volunteer social workers.
Haji Firuz took the hand-made Haftseen to all hospital wards singing happy songs. He visited all the children and wished them a very happy and fruitful year ahead. At the end, MAHAK children and their families took pictures with Haji Firuz and Haftseen. At the same time, a group of MAHAK children with their families from different public and university hospitals gathered at MAHAK’s amphitheater as the audience of a fun and exciting program.
A donkey, Uncle Oly, sang different songs for children. Parents took part in different competitions such as inflating balloons and singing. The children excitedly applauded their parents and spent some cheerful time together.
During all these years of activity, MAHAK has steadfastly tried to provide cancer-stricken children with comprehensive treatment and support care services to help them remain children and consequently pass their treatment process with hope for brighter days.