last update: 16-02-2019


The last Tuesday evening of the Persian Calendar is celebrated in Iran as a fun-filled event known as ‘Chaharshanbe Soori’ celebration in which people believe that by jumping over the fire and reciting happy songs they will pass all their sickness and sadness of the past year to fire and in exchange they will receive health and happiness.
MAHAK children, same as the previous years celebrated Chahrshanbe Soori with their parents along with MAHAK’s staff, volunteers, social workers and also psychologists. They set up fire, jump over it, sang a lot of happy songs and spent their evening with laugh and joy.
MAHAK has always striven to improve the life quality of its children and believed that creating happy and memorable moments for children and their family will help them to pass their treatment process with more hope. We believe that cancer treatment process should never stop cancer-stricken children from their normal life so, the comprehensive care services including exciting and educational programs is planned for them to have more qualified time and life.