last update: 14-12-2017


One of the routine programs at MAHAK which never loses its excitement for children is birthday celebrations with the presence of volunteers who brought joy and happiness in all the wards of the hospital and residential center.
Every month at MAHAK, there is a birthday party for the children with not only birthday cake and candies but also each time with a new and different event. This month, on one of the hot summer days, a band of youth volunteers along with a social worker and a psychologist went to all the wards and rooms to put smiles on cancer-stricken children’s faces and wish them a great year ahead, playing music and singing happy songs. 
MAHAK always appreciates all volunteers’ and supporters’ efforts whose contributions and companionships help us to provide cancer-stricken children with qualified treatment and support services and help them to pass their treatment process with more hope without losing their sweet childhood days.