last update: 14-12-2017


 The opening ceremony of the 18th Ritual-Traditional Theater Festival was held at MAHAK’s amphitheater on August 27, 2017, attended by 300 guests consisting of cancer-stricken children and their families.
While the ceremony was being performed, different art troupes went to all wards of hospital and brought happiness and joy to cancer-stricken children’s daily lives. Mobarak, the national Iranian marionette that is the main character of most of the Kheimeh Shab-Bazi shows, sang a lot of songs from the very first moment of the ceremony and put the smiles on MAHAK children’s face.
During more than 25 years of activity, MAHAK has always striven to attract different sections of the society to be involved with humanitarian activities. Organizing such event give this chance to put the art community cooperation with the third pillar of the society, the NGOs, into practice one more time and demonstrates the civil capacity of Iran. Saideh Ghods, the founder of MAHAK, mentioned that “the ritual-traditional theater which is originated from our culture and gentry, gives us more energy to give hands together in supporting cancer-stricken children.” 
Childhood continues at MAHAK
The main goal of holding these festivals are keeping the Iranian identity alive and help children get familiar with Iranian culture and art. Through such events, MAHAK children experience better and happier days during their treatment process. We hope for the day when we can celebrate the remission of all children with cancer all over the world with a happy and joyful gathering and celebration.