last update: 14-12-2017


The latest meeting of MAHAK parents’ group was held at MAHAK’s residential center with the aim of exchanging the experiences and betterment of the families and their cancer-stricken children’s relations. During these meetings, an operation report is usually given by the members focusing the methods recommended by psychologists and social workers to solve families’ 
During the latest meeting held with the presence of a group of mothers, the participants discussed about their challenges with their children, exchanged their experiences and at the end they had time for a Q&A answer session.
By finishing the meeting, the children along with their mothers prepared a small evening meal and spent an amazing evening together.
MAHAK parents’ group has been formed under the supervision of support services department by the presence and contribution of the parents who have experienced having a cancer-stricken child. MAHAK parents’ group is a member of Childhood Cancer International (CCI) since the year 2000 and has strived to stand by the parents before the challenges they face and the way of communicating with their cancer-stricken child.