last update: 22-11-2017


The first charity bazaar under the title of "Mini Donation Boxes and Great Wishes" was held on October 12- 13, 2017 at MAHAK with the contribution of over 400 volunteers and presence of more than 2000 visitors.
The revenue generated at this bazaar has been 4,146,683,068 IRR; all of which will be spent on providing medical and support services for cancer-stricken children.
As in previous bazaars, different booths were available providing different products and one of the booths which is always welcomed by the benefactors was ‘Donation Boxes’ booth where the visitors delivered their small donation boxes filled with great wishes for health and happiness and received new ones to demonstrate their consistent and borderless love and support towards cancer-stricken children.
Iranian Benefactors Signed the World Cancer Declaration
The attendees of bazaar demonstrated their support towards cancer control by signing the ‘World Cancer Declaration’ at the public and international relations desk and wore badges signifying them as a supporter of cancer control. They took photos with the badges and shared them on their profiles in social networks by tagging MAHAK to promote the World Cancer Declaration and show their support towards global cancer control through mentioning UICC’s suggested hashtags of #WeCanICan and #SupportCancerControl.
Registration for donating Hematopoietic blood stem cells
In the sideline of this bazaar, the visitors had the chance of registering at the center for donating hematopoietic blood stem cells. By this action the donors expressed their support towards cancer-stricken children in another form.
At the end of the bazaar, a kite which had been made by MAHAK children in playroom with the assistance of volunteer artists was flown as the symbol of the greatest wish of MAHAK family which is the remission of all cancer-stricken children around the world.
We, at MAHAK appreciate all the benefactors whose ongoing contributions and limitless love bring more happiness and more color to cancer-stricken children’s lives. We hope to witness the day when we can celebrate the farewell to cancer all over the world.