last update: 21-10-2018


The 2nd International Congress on the Role of Supportive Bio-Psycho-socio-spiritual Services in Multidisciplinary Treatment of Childhood Cancer was held on November 22-23, 2017 at MAHAK. 
At the end of this congress, Ali zadeh Mohammadi, the scientific secretary of this congress recite the congressional statement. 
In the sidelines, the specialized workshops entitled ‘Communication for Palliative Care’, ‘Care for Caregivers’ and ‘Book and the Pediatric Patient’ was welcomed by the participants. 
MAHAK appreciates all experts and specialists’ presence whose contributions assisted us in holding this congress fruitful. We, at MAHAK hope to improve the quality of services provided to cancer-stricken children since treatment of cancer is only possible through multidisciplinary approach.