last update: 21-10-2018


Few days before the New Year 2018 Santa and Mrs. Claus paid a visit to MAHAK Hospital and spread joy and happiness among the children.
Father Christmas was carrying a bag full of gifts for the children and went to every room and surprised the children along with Mrs. Claus and a musician in white.
They played with children, sang jolly songs, laughed and enjoyed their time.
In some wards, when the musician started playing the guitar the children came out of their rooms to find where the sound was from and then were surprised by seeing a jolly man with a red suit and white beard, a smiling kind lady in red and a guitarist in white saying warm hellos to them. Their presence brought New Year cheer to the hospital and made the children livelier. 
We, at MAHAK, have always striven to maintain the happiness of our children, enhance their life quality and preserve their childhood denying all the segregation factors. We hope 2018 will bring health and happiness to all cancer-stricken children.