last update: 21-10-2018


MAHAK’s representative participated in the Iranian University’s Social Responsibility workshop focusing on “Social Responsibility of Universities and Academicians and their Collaboration with the Community-Based Organizations” which was held on November 14, 2017.
This workshop was held as a side event of the ‘18th Exhibition of Research, Technology Achievements and Techmarts’ with the presence of Nasrin Noorshahi, President of Institute for Research and Planning in Higher Education; Maghsood Ferasatkhah, member of the planning group in higher education; and representatives from different NGOs.
Saba Kamkar, Manager of Public and International Relations Department of MAHAK, in her speech on the history of corporate social responsibility at MAHAK said: “Since 2006, MAHAK has been focusing on the concept of CSR and promoting this idea as an interacting model among business entities and civil society according which four international congresses have been held coinciding with International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD) with the financial support of Iran and Tehran Chambers of Commerce.”
She continued: “During the 4th International Congress on CSR, MAHAK has received scientific supports from universities and is striving to define academic models for planning and implementing social responsibility projects at the fifth congress in February 2019. Hence, a collaborative project has been defined between MAHAK and Institute of Research and Planning in Higher Education through which the representatives of scientific centers will be attracted into promoting the concept of CSR in order to consider the importance of this issue in economy, management, human resources and sustainable development of societies from a scientific and knowledge-based perspectives. “
MAHAK has always striven to develop such cooperation and experience exchange among community based organizations as the representative of civil society and academic centers in order to help the comprehensive development of both parties as well as improving the life quality of cancer-stricken children through providing them with the best and most qualified medical and support services.