last update: 06-04-2640


On the occasion of the National Day of Health and Nutrition, MAHAK's nutrition expert elaborated on international nutrition standards received by this hospital and said: "MAHAK has gained the HACCP standard from TUV NORD of Germany.
This standard is a well-defined methodology for analyzing food safety hazards and the required control measures. In fact, it requires compliance with the international food safety standards which are provided in the catering division and hospital wards. Gaining this standard is complicated because of the need to adhere to multiple principles by hospitals. MAHAK Hospital is among the few centers that have obtained this in Tehran."
Ensiyeh Fallah added that: "MAHAK always cares about the quality of life of cancer-stricken children. Since supplying meals and organic food ingredients such as milk, fruits, vegetables, etc. is very important for the health of cancer-stricken children, in the near future the full supply of organic food ingredients will be finalized in MAHAK."
"The presence of nutrition experts at hospitals is one of the standards of the Ministry of Health and is one of the essential principles," said Fallah, on the importance of nutrition in the treatment of children with cancer. "An inappropriate diet will prolong the treatment process and may increase the incidence of infectious diseases. An inappropriate diet can also reduce the effectiveness of medicines, including chemotherapy medications."
"The weakness of the immune system is a prominent factor in the treatment of children with cancer," she said. "Resistance towards treatment will increase in children in case the principles of nutrition are not met. In MAHAK there is a health care expert, who supervises the patient's diet; a nutrition clinic specialist, who carries out specialized dietary care for patients and another nutritionist who supervises the process of preparation, cooking, and distribution so that no contamination from the food is passed on to the patients. Diet therapy is performed using advanced body mass index devices." she continued. 
The nutrition expert, pointing to food menus at MAHAK, continued, "Using some medications result in a dramatic increase in children's blood glucose, which is why, in addition to the medication prescribed by physicians, foods given to children should also not increase false blood glucose. In many other cases, children need high protein supplements. Therefore, food is cooked for children with cancer in the nine categories of diet according to the type of disease and treatment stage: diabetic, low diabetic, dehydration, high protein, potassium-rich, low-fat diet, liquids, purified liquids and normal."
Fallah continued, "In addition, at each selected meal, there are two food menus for children to receive the food they need according to their interest; in other words, with the nine categories above, for children with cancer At MAHAK Hospital, 18 types of food are served at each meal. However, if a child wants to have a dish out of the menu and that food is not harmful for them, we try to provide the food, given the concern we have for the quality of our children's lives.”
Referring to donations of raw and edible materials to MAHAK, Fallah said: "We always take the donated materails to laboratories approved by the Ministry of Health, to be tested in terms of the quality of the ingredients so that high quality materials would be cooked for children. For this reason, we ask the benefactors to call the fundraising department of MAHAK before donating a product in order to get the required information on the nutritional requirements of children and conditions before making their donation." 
In the end, the nutrition expert hoped that a healthier life will be provided for humans by following the principles of proper nutrition. 
Providing cancer-stricken children with the best medical and support services is the main concern of MAHAK. To observe this, we give importance to our children's nutrition which has a significant role in treatment and the speed of recovery. We hope for the day when all children have access to healthy nutrition by ongoing support of the contributors.