last update: 06-04-2640


The meeting of MAHAK parents' group was held at the residential center of MAHAK with the presence of parents and their cancer-stricken children.
MAHAK parents' group has been formed under the supervision of support services department by the presence and contribution of the parents who have experienced having a cancer-stricken child. These parents have monthly meetings with other parents whose children are challenging with cancer. The group members try to make known the challenges which the families of cancer-stricken children will face and strive to share their experiences in interacting with these children. After the meeting the children along with their parents prepare a meal and spend a joyful afternoon with them.
MAHAK has been a member of Childhood Cancer International (CCI) since the year 2000 and MAHAK's volunteer group of parents started their activity in 2009. This group has strived to stand by the parents before the challenges they face and the way of communicating with their cancer-stricken child. They present their performance report by organizing regular sessions and collaborate with psychology and social work departments to take effective measures to reduce the challenges in the families of children with cancer.