last update: 06-04-2640


Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation is one of the methods of cancer treatment which MAHAK has always strived to provide for those children in need of transplantation. In this vein, MAHAK hospital founded its cell transplantation ward in 2011 but has always struggled with the challenge to provide compatible hematopoietic stem cells.
There are several reasons why the necessity of developing national registration centers has been highlighted such as low chance of receiving bone marrow from parents or siblings (or being the only child in the family which reduces this possibility even further), inadequate samples’ availability in registration centers and national banks, the high cost of searching for samples at international centers, complicated process of transferring the samples from other countries and genetic incompatibility of these samples.
Accordingly, MAHAK has inaugurated the first national non-governmental registration center for donating hematopoietic stem cell samples in July 2017. In order to meet the cost of the tests and experiments on 5000 primary donated samples at MAHAK registration center, which is the main challenge of all such institutions, MAHAK has signed an MOU with a private sector entity under the rubric of a social responsibility action. We strongly believe that by the continuous support of the ever expanding family of MAHAK, we will make this center as the largest registration center for donating hematopoietic stem cells in the Middle East providing services not only for cancer-stricken children but for all patients in need of transplantation.
This toolkit will share the nature of this center and invite all the individuals and different economic and social enterprises to join this center by registering their hematopoietic stem cell samples and in the next stage encourage their friends and families to do the same.
Donating hematopoietic stem cell samples does not have pain but is an effective step towards supporting children with cancer.