last update: 15-12-2018


On the occasion of the World Cancer Day and in line with UICC's World Cancer Day (WCD) campaign the members of the board of trustees and directors of MAHAK were present at Nima Youshij School to receive an ambulance donated to MAHAK children by the students of this school. Alongside with this ceremony, the pupils’ parents were invited to join MAHAK's registration center for donating hematopoietic stem cells in realization of one of this campaign’s toolkits that is "Join forces to make a difference". 
MAHAK has inaugurated the first national non-governmental registration center for donating hematopoietic stem cell samples in July 2017. Stem cell transplantation is a method of treatment for cancer patients; and individuals aged 18 to 50 can save lives by donating samples of hematopoietic stem cells to this center.  More than 3500 stem cells have been registered at this bank till the end of February 2018.
The World Cancer Day (WCD) is one of the most important events among all the organizations active in the field of cancer due to the prevalence of the disease in all societies regardless of age or gender. Raising awareness among all strata of societies and getting them involved in the process is an important aspect of cancer centric organizations' responsibility towards achieving this goal. 
We at MAHAK would like to express our appreciation to all our supporters around the world without whom, none of our aspirations and activities could have been realized during the past 26 years and hope for the day we can celebrate the farewell to cancer especially of the pediatric types.